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Art Pearl Against the World Part 4: Democracy, what it isn’t

Art Pearl Against the World4 Democracy, what it is and what it isn’t
I hope I have established that the world is in terrible shape.
Torn apart by unending wars that have killed thousands, destroyed 
infrastructure, generated swarms of refugees fleeing unmitigated horror with 
fewer and fewer places to go.
The war was not the only thing destroying the environment. Our modern ways of life, transportation that relies on fossil fuels, other energy
use; pesticides with long half-lives, our diet, land use planning, population 
growth nearing or exceeding carrying capacity, all are taking its toll.
A economy designed to distribute its wealth to an already tiny extremely wealthy
minority dedicated to the principle ‘I got mine, I defy you to get yours.’
A government that doesn’t work unless you believe in doing everything possible 
to keep the rich, ‘healthy, wealthy and safe and everyone else struggling just to
keep nose above water.’
A retreat from social justice, partially because a war requires the demon…