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Art Pearl Against the World, The Mess We Are In. Part 3: Peace Movement

Art Pearl Against the World,  The Mess We Are In. Part 3In 3 sub parts this one 3c


We desperately need a powerful peace movement.

There is no possible improvement in life conditions without peace.

There is no escape from the oppressiveness of fascism without a peace movement.

There are no civil rights without peace.

There is no preservation of the environment without peace.

Everything worth saving, everything good and decent depends on a powerful and persuasive peace movement.

And here we are,16 years of war with Afghanistan, and not even a whiff of a peace movement.

How could we possibly be in a war with Afghanistan? Afghanistan never attacked us. We supported Afghanistan in its war with the soon to end Soviet Union.

One reason we supported the war in Afghanistan is because Barrack Obama told us it was a “good war.”

Barrack Obama while campaigning for the presidency contrasted the Iraq War he opposed, with the Afghanistan war that he called “the good war.’

And maybe that got him elected pr…