As I scour through my dad's work, I find it so incredible how well he understood our deficits and the solutions to them before anyone knew they were deficits at all. That is beautifully painful for me. My dad was always the one who knew what to do, how to do it and who to bring into the plan. He was not a complainer...he was a solution mastermind. The days pass and the hole in my heart, in my life, in my life grows deeper as the reality of this loss continues to become more clear. What Art had was not something that I have ever seen in any other was a combination of intentionally well-informed and relevant, a critical eye on solutions that matter and a solid understanding of what is coming towards us. This brilliance with humility, forgiveness, kindness, true love for all people and constant presence in every space he joined made him the best human I have known or heard of. He made a difference everyday.

Here is another project I found from 1966. I know there are those …

What the so-call ed Education Reform is all about

The goal of No Child Left behind and all the so-called allied state education reform is to bring all of public education under corporate control. This is not a conspiracy. It is clear, straight-forward and unabashed. Every president from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama has endorsed it. President Obama heralds "We must ensure that our students will be able to compete in the global economy" almost every time he talks about education. All such endeavors to undermine democracy begins by scaring the shit out of us  This one began with a corporate created presidency- the now exalted Ronald Reagan. Reagan, as you may remember appointed a commission - The Commission on Educational Excellence - and that Commission issued a report, A Nation at Risk, That report, in its second paragraph evoked terrifying images associated with McCarthyism. If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it a…
The loss of a legend. That is what we are experiencing here and now with the death of my father, Art Pearl. You see people will say...they are saying, that he lived a long life. He did. The length of his life combined with the intention, devotion, impact and consistent leadership and accountability is what makes his value as a human beyond measure. He knew things, he had seen things that none of us had. His parents were immigrants, he grew up poor, he was a hard working longshoreman and he was aware all along of what plagued this world. He became well educated, well read, well written and beyond influential to those around him. His comprehension of the problems and solutions of the world far surpassed anyone else I have known, read the work of or listened to. He could engaged in dialogue with those who disagreed with him and show them genuine love and kindness while telling them the truth. He was diplomatic, yet forceful, bold and brave. The world lost that when we lost my dad. It is …

Art Pearl Against the World 5: The solution to the world problems is democracy and only democracy

Art Pearl Against the World 5
The solution to the world problems is democracy and only democracy
Monarchy is like a splendid ship, with all sails set; it moves majestically on, then it hits a rock and sinks forever.Democracy is like a never sinks, but, damn it, your feet are always in the water. Fisher Ames (1758-1808)
Democracy is defined by the following understandings and principles.
The essence of democracy is creativity. We have not yet tried democracy. Party or "interests" govern us with some fiction of the "consent of the governed" which we say means democracy. We have not even a conception of what democracy means. That conception is yet to be forged out of the crude ore of life. MaryParker The New State: Group Organization the Solution of popular Government 1923. ed) p.3

1. Vision.
Where there is no vision the people perish The Bible, Proverbs 29:18
Vision in a democracy is imagining the world good as it could be, establishing for everyone the goal of a publ…